Rehabilitative Massage Therapy 

What is Rehabilitative Massage Therapy treatments?  

Rehabilitative Massage Therapy or Medical Massage is a form of conservative medical treatment for which a specific treatment plan is developed with goal based outcomes to target a specific problem or condition.  Treatment involves the use of specialized massage techniques that are targeted at the specific problem (neck pain, back pain, joint pain, etc.).  This therapy is sometimes coupled with other therapy modalities (cold/heat, muscle stimulation) and other conservative treatments.

Our therapy program is problem focused and entirely medically based.  All of our therapists are highly trained and specialized in muscular rehabilitation.  We diagnose and treat both acute and chronic medical conditions.  Our approach is individualized and personalized for each patient; therefore no two patients receive the same type of treatment.

You DO NOT have to live with the pain!  Our approach is proven and effective for not only pain relief but also for better mobility and movement and enjoyment of life.  Get back to the things in life that you enjoy!  Give us a call and schedule your visit for an assessment today!