Pain Relief Through Massage

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When one stops to consider all of the amazing things that we humans have accomplished since the beginning of our time on Earth, it is clear that some of the most innovative and significant advances have taken place in the field of medicine. Naturally, medicine has been a long-time focus: for as long as we've had pain, injuries, and illnesses, we have been searching for cures. When we think about healing, our minds too often go to prescriptions and highly-advanced machines--but the truth is, the study of medicine encompasses a much wider variety of fields. One such discipline that has recently experienced a rapid growth in popularity is the massage, because aside from being relaxing massages can also help to relieve pain.

The Power of Massage

Massage--as an art, a discipline, and medicine--has an impressive presence throughout human history. Different cultures experimented with and perfected the techniques, modern medicine contributed additional knowledge, and the result is a modern-day massage that can ease stress, relax the mind, and ease pain, all at the same time. It's clear that the power of touch is more influential than we originally realized. Although massages are generally regarded as an alternate medicine, their healing power is worthy of respect for a variety of reasons.

The Facts

So, how do massages do so many good things for the body? Here's a quick look.

  • Pain relief. Massages ease pain in a variety of ways. They start by targeting trouble spots, increasing blood flow to the sore muscles and joints. Research shows that massages also trigger the brain to release natural painkillers, called opioids, as well as hormones that can reduce stress.
  • Safety. In the field of medicine, almost everything comes with a rapid-fire list of side effects. A massage, when performed by an experienced professional, is safe--and doesn't come with an entire novel of other concerns and maladies. There are some restrictions, though, so be sure to talk with your doctor.
  • Multiple methods. One of the greatest parts of massage medicine is the sheer diversity of the field. If you find that one type of massage isn't working or doesn't have the desired results, you can easily switch to a different method or technique. The best bet is to start with a good massage therapist--the rest will fall into place.

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