What to Expect In a Harvey CDL Medical Exam

CDL Medical Exam Harvey

Most of us can say that we're on all-too-friendly terms with that unpleasant "test anxiety." Throughout our lives, tests have always been present, if, perhaps, in different masks—our school years were punctuated with finals anxiety, our 16th birthdays characterized by driving test jitters, and the rest of our lives seem to be defined by medical exam nerves. Unfortunately, unlike finals and driving tests, we can't study for a medical exam to feel more prepared. What we can do is know what to expect—and, somehow, that works wonders, whether you're confident, nervous, or somewhere in between.

CDL Medical Exam

Driving is a big responsibility. Commercial driving is an even bigger responsibility—and that's why further measures have been introduced to the commercial driver licensing procedure. One of these measures is the CDL Medical Exam, also known as the DOT Physicals. These exams are required for certain individuals—for example, anyone who drives a vehicle with nine to fifteen passengers and drives this vehicle more than 75 miles. If you are in one of the groups required to take the CDL Medical Exam, it can be helpful to know what to expect.

What's Coming

So, what's coming in the CDL Medical Exam? What should you be prepared for? Here's a quick overview of what the examiners will be checking and looking at.

  • Personal info. You'll be asked to fill out a DOT Physical form, which will include personal information like Social Security number, date of birth, and driver's license number. There is also a second part of the form which asks for medical history—you will indicate the presence of neurological disorders, epilepsy, hearing or vision disorders, and more. This will then be reviewed by your DOT Physical examiner.

After the form, you'll undergo a full exam, including but not limited to a check of the following:

  • Blood pressure.
  • Eyes, ears, throat, and mouth.
  • Neurological health.
  • Heart and lung health.
  • Spine health.
  • Vision.

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